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Machining centers
tailored for you

FAUSTO MARINELLO, part of the FAMAR Group, is constantly seeking technological solutions for its customers’ production needs.

The company designs and develops innovative solutions for machinery dedicated to milling, specifically offering single- and dual-spindle horizontal machining centers.

The construction of the machines follows the production philosophy of the FAMAR Group, namely, a modular design and construction, with technology that can be customized according to the characteristics of the production process required by the customer.

Annually our machines produce millions of parts for a wide variety of manufacturing sectors such as the automotive industry with the production of parts for automobiles, earthmoving machines, electric vehicles and agricultural transport.

The human side at the center of development

At Fausto Marinello, we strongly believe in the human value and continuous growth of our entire team, ensuring extreme precision and advanced technology within the reach of everyone, worldwide.

Machine tool manufacturing is often experienced as a mechanical activity and strongly detached from human value, but this is not the case with us; the realization of one of our machining centers is only possible through the development of interpersonal relationships among the entire team dedicated to the project.

Our headquarters in Sant’Ambrogio di Torino, which covers more than 12.000 m2 , is home to the entire production and design team, which collaborates permanently by integrating ideas, knowledge and corporate values.

We are constantly looking for new people who wish to espouse our projects and business philosophy, filling the many professional positions that our company offers.

The complete solution
for your needs

Fausto Marinello solutions are always designed and implemented based on the customer’s production needs, both in terms of quantity and space.

Efficient production operations have always been a cornerstone of the solutions we offer in Italy, Europe and throughout the rest of the World.

The well-established experience of the Famar Group and in particular of the Famar Automation division has enabled the integration of all possible automation solutions to Fausto Marinello machining centers, thus outlining the possibility of realizing lines and islands dedicated to the milling of parts.

Trust and Satisfaction are the key words of our success

This journey does not end with the delivery and installation of the machine at the customer site but continues throughout the life cycle of Fausto Marinello machining centers.

The client’s goals immediately become our goals, which makes Fausto Marinello the ideal partner for the realization of a winning project.