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Creating opportunities for the company and for people

Fausto Marinello has always had a clear idea of work as human endeavor, and in its development he has applied a specific vision: to create opportunities for the company and for people.

Therefore, in Fausto Marinello:

  • The average age of the staff is low, under 35.
  • “Training” is a basic and constant principle.
  • “Knowledge” is a key parameter.

For this reason, training and refresher courses are continuously offered, both in languages (e.g., English and German) and in the fields of technology and information technology.

A typical example is the training course for those who join the Engineering Department: the new recruit, before sitting at the CAD workstation, participates in an “apprenticeship” period with a duration of about 6 months within the different departments of the company for the purpose of getting acquainted in the field with the machinery he or she will be going to design.

A path to approach the production philosophy, to get the right “sense of direction” to the Fausto Marinello product.

This predisposition is important for all areas of the Company, because you are building a unique product and it is essential to have the right vision for it.
Fausto Marinello women and men are demanding toward goals and results, as well as toward themselves, and this is the best guarantee for the Customer who demands and expects the best possible product.

All of this is also what we look for in candidates who want to put themselves forward through resumes.

Work with us

Growth and attainable goals are the two words that guide the spirit of those who enter Fausto Marinello.

What do we offer?

  • Constant training
  • Role growth with increasing responsibilities
  • Project management
  • Passionate and cohesive work team
  • Dynamic and proactive environment