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The automotive industry is one of the main areas of development for Fausto Marinello-branded technologies. Increasing speed of execution and precision are demanded by the main players in the sector, at Fausto Marinello we develop innovative and highly customized projects based on production needs every day, guaranteeing flexibility, punctuality and tailor-made service.

Our two product lines guarantee precision drilling and milling for any type of material, size and shape.

With Fausto Marinello you can process all components efficiently.


  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Change
  • Motor housing
  • Pump housing
  • Frame
  • Parts for electric drives
Do you need higher performance?
The Bi-spindle line is the solution that allows you to greatly increase productivity while keeping production time and cost down.

Industrial vehicles

Fausto Marinello, thanks to the Famar Group’s more than fifty years of experience, has expanded its line by making machines of size 700 dedicated to milling larger parts such as all truck components.

The structure of Fausto Marinello machining centers guarantees high flexibility and accessibility compatible with the size of the part to be machined, which is why our technical managers take care of the adaptability of the machine based on specific needs defined by the customer.

The components that can be machined through our single- and double-spindle machining centers are very varied, in particular our machines perform milling and drilling operations on:



  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Change
  • Motor housing
  • Pump housing
  • Frame
  • Parts for electric drives


Extremely central is the earthmoving sector consisting of construction and agricultural machinery.

Within this macro category are:

  • Construction machinery
  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Dump trucks
  • Motor graders
  • Crawler loaders

Our machines provide extreme rigidity and compactness that commutes to high standards of quality that can be repeated over time, an essential feature in this delicate industry.


  • Transmissions
  • Engine components
  • Unloading/loading systems
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Steering

Electric Mobility

The push that electric mobility is experiencing has led all companies belonging to the automotive industry to make important decisions regarding the development of new technologies related to sustainable mobility.

Production chains have evolved and adopted new systems capable of meeting all the needs arising from the production of electric vehicles, in particular our machining centers are optimal for machining the FOLLOWING COMPONENTS:

  • Battery housing
  • Stator housing
  • Lightweight components
  • Standard components of combustion engine vehicles


Fausto Marinello guarantees maximum performance and flawless workmanship for each area.

The aerospace industry is characterized by very high quality and safety standards that must be met in order to protect end users and all production workers.

It is essential to track and control every component, which is why Fausto Marinello machining centers are equipped with high-performance production control systems.

FM solutions can be equipped with the automation systems designed, manufactured and assembled by Famar Group according to the customer’s needs.
In particular, our machining centers can process the FOLLOWING COMPONENTS:

  • Turbine housings
  • Structural components
  • Internal components
  • Mechanical details


Precision, accuracy and efficiency are qualities that perfectly unite Fausto Marinello machining centers and all the components they process for the medical industry.

Medical devices, instruments and implants are machined on our single- or dual-spindle centers with extreme efficiency going from raw or semi-finished to finished product in incredible time. Our experience has led us to develop highly customizable systems capable of machining:

  • Medical instruments
  • Implants and prosthetics
  • Diagnostic components


Mold making is always a very delicate activity that requires extreme precision.

Fausto Marinello machines are extremely versatile and efficient, ideal for processing profiles quickly on a wide range of materials.

  • Plastic molding
  • Steel stamping
  • Machining tools


Gearmotors are a combination consisting of an electric motor and a gearbox. Fausto Marinello machining centers specialize in machining all types of BODIES on the market and some of the components that characterize these mechanical tools.

  • Body and general components


The oleodynamic sector is booming worldwide due to its great ability to handle considerable power through components of reduced size and weight.

Fausto Marinello machines are capable of milling, drilling and boring on the various components that characterize this sector, the main examples are:

  • Pump body and its housing
  • Heat exchangers
  • Valves and solenoid valves
  • Components for assembly

General mechanics

Fausto Marinello machining centers are characterized by the peculiarity of being one of the best solutions for all customers looking for highly customized machines, capable of machining parts from a specific sector or belonging to all components of general mechanics.

Exceptional quality at reduced costs guarantees the satisfaction of our customers, who seek an all-round service from their trusted partner.